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Benefits of Yoga

In addition to the many physical benefits offered by yoga, there are many emotional and psychological benefits.

The practice of yoga concentrates on aligning your breath with your movement, enabling it to

There has been a tremendous increase in the popularity of Yoga over the past few decades. Not only has research proved the many physical benefits of yoga, but it also has many psychological and emotional benefits. Before we get into the benefits of yoga, it is important to understand what yoga really is.

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word yug, and it means ‘union’ or ‘connection’.
There is more to yoga than just the physical exercise, the science of Yoga assimilates the complete essence of the way of life. In short, yoga transforms your life in ways that you can never imagine.

Yoga as a practice has countless benefits, few of which are mentioned below.

1. According to the British Psychological Society, yoga involves concentration on the breath and body, which makes it a great way to soothe a person’s mind and relieve worries.


2. With its ability to lower blood pressure and heart rate as well as improve respiration, yoga provides you with the means to deal with and resolve anxiety and depression without resorting to expensive medications.


3. Yoga has been proven effective at improving your memory and concentration, according to Women’s Fitness. For instance, Dharana, otherwise known as the practice of concentration, is the perfect way to clear your mind and calm your senses. As you remove the static noise in your head and focus your mind, you’ll find that you’re able to remember things, concentrate, and perform much better.


4. Particularly in cases where contemporary mental and pharmacological treatments have failed, Hatha Yoga has been shown to be effective in reducing PTSD symptoms, according to the American Psychological Association. As such, Yoga might just be a great counterattack against the ravages of traumatic experiences.





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