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Chanmaya isn’t your traditional Yoga brand. We value style over chakras and great design over spiritualism. We create bold and beautiful Yoga mats that provide exceptional performance alongside impressive durability.

than it has ever been. From hot room workouts to power sessions, more and more of us are exploring the benefits of this ancient practice. What’s more, we want to look great while we workout. Yoga wear comes in an amazing array of styles and prints, making it easy to stand out in class.

have struggled to keep pace with workout trends. We noticed we were looking down on the same dull designs class after class and became inspired to create a mat that stood out from the crowd. Chanmaya was born and the days of dull Yoga mats were numbered.

much more than statement style pieces. They have been created for Yoga lovers by Yoga lovers and are designed to work as hard as you do. This means they offer great grip, comfort and absorption, allowing you to concentrate on perfecting your warrior without worrying about slips and wrinkles.

create a mat with great eco credentials and all our products are designed in natural, biodegradable materials that are free from nasty PVC and latex. We don’t use any animal products and our mats are printed in none-fade, water based ink.

artists from around the world to create unique designs. You can choose a distinctive mat that suits your mood, expresses your individuality and keeps you motivated.
Chanmaya is about daring pattern and vivid colour. We don’t do the calming pastels and traditional Yoga symbols. Wave goodbye to ordinary Mandalas, Lotus Flowers, Hamsa or Oms and say hello to eye-catching new design.

most definitely in the detail when it comes to creating great Yoga mats and we go that extra mile to make sure our mats shine. For us this means amazing print quality, so our designs look awesome whatever your angle, and easy clean styles that refuse to fade.

If you spend more time on the mat than off, you deserve to do the downward dog in style. Ditch the bland for the bold and embrace graphic design that performs like a pro. Now lie back and say Om…