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Q. What makes Chanmaya mats special?

Chanmaya mats are not only inspirationally and beautifully designed, with attention to detail, but they are the perfect symbiosis of a yoga mat and a hot yoga towel. Chanmaya mats feature a sustainable tree rubber base adhered to a velvety soft microfiber top, offering superior grip while absorbing sweat. The more you sweat, the better your grip. You will be able to fully focus your mind and body on your yoga practice without worrying about slipping.


Q. Are Chanmaya mats eco-friendly?

YES, absolutely. Our mats are made of a biodegradable, recyclable 100% natural tree rubber base and a microfiber suede top. They are free from silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates. All of our vibrant, eye-catching designs are printed with non-fade, water based inks. All materials used in the production of our yoga mats DO NOT contain any animal products.


Q. Who designs your mats?

We proudly work with different artists, graphic designers as well as textile designers from all over the world in order to bring you unique and distinct designs. Every mat design is specialand is reflective of every artist’s personality and style. Our creatives are from Greece, Venezuela, India, New Zealand, Romania, Ukraine, Philippines and the UK, to list a few of the countries.


Q. Where are Chanmaya mats produced?

We collaborate with a reputable manufacturer in China who was selected after thorough research.


Q. Why do you ship from 2 locations?

We are based in Dubai and we send our products to our UAE customers from the UAE. However, shipping internationally from the UAE is expensive. In order to provide our customers with optimized delivery time and shipping costs we are catering our international clients from our factory.


Q. I would like to have my own customized yoga mat – can you develop one for me?

Customizing yoga mats is not our business. However, we will try to help you to get your one-of-a-kind, unique yoga mat. If you have artwork we can print it for you, or alternatively if you have an idea or vision we can recommend an artist/graphic designer to develop the artwork for you.


Q. You could not find an answer to your question?

Please email us your question or concerns to We are happy to help!